What is Education?

Education is the acquired knowledge of people, their practices and social environment. Education is usually the process of fostering learning, or the acquisition of learned skills, knowledge, behaviors, values, attitudes, and beliefs. Educational systems may include training, teaching, communication, research and administered research. Education is a systematic approach and the end result is the development of individuals who respect other people’s rights and are competent to handle their responsibilities. A well-rounded education is necessary for promoting social, cultural and governmental equality.


In earlier times, the education was carried out through teaching and transmitting information to the members of the community, by means of manuals and instructions given by elders. The evolution of education did not take place in a single classroom but it took several stages, such as the reflection of each culture on its own customs and beliefs, diffusion of the written word from ancient times and the improvement of methods and materials used for teaching. The development of civilizations were largely affected by the ethical teachings of their religious texts. A brief mention has been made below of the characteristics of an educational curriculum.

Education has been divided into two types: formal education systems and informal education systems. Formal education systems are characterized by controlled teaching procedures and goals, by uniform treatment of students, by controlled use of textbooks and by academic disciplines based on uniformity. Informal education systems are characterized by individualistic teaching methods, by the existence of a variety of learners with different experiences, by the presence of various situations and by the absence of prescribed goals and objectives.

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